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Caravan SetUp presents “Circolare”

The exhibition Circolare (lit. circular), to be held from October 10 to December 6, will open a new and exciting cultural season in Bologna carried out by the new cultural project CARAVAN. After three well-tested editions of SetUp Art Fair and a fourth edition on its way, Simona Gavioli and Alice Zannoni decided to found the cultural association CARAVAN to ...

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Dynamo: Bologna’s bicycle parking station

Bicycle parking, rental, repair, tours,cargo bikes, information, free wi-fi, charging stations for electric vehicles, cultural events, training courses and relaxing area: this is Dynamo, Bologna’s bicycle parking station. A 1,000 sq.m. space underneath the historic Pincio steps, which after being used as garages for decades, have become Bologna’s bicycle hub, the first bicycle station in Italy providing a full range ...

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Panem Et Circenses opens a new studio in a space assigned by Incredibol!

Thanks to Incredibol!, Bologna boasts another creativity lab: Panem Et Circenses, artist collective that won of the fourth edition of the Incredibol! call with a project about ‘eating design’, has been assigned a new space. Their new studio, located in via Solferino33/A, in Bologna city centre, will open on Wednesday, October 23rd at 07:00 pm. At the opening, the artist ...

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Fondazione Rusconi awards Bio-on and Comunicattive

Bio-on and Comunicattive, two companies based in Bologna, have been awarded by Fondazione Rusconi with € 85,000.00 each. Bio-on, a company that licensed a process to produce organic plastic from agricultural processing waste materials, has been selected for the “Green Economy” section, while Comunicattive, an agency founded by businesswomen engaged in gender-sensitve communication, has been selected for the “Creative Industries” ...

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Call for music projects that intend to go international

The Municipality of Bologna issues a public call aimed at assigning funds to internationalization projects in the fields of art and music. Overall, 30.000€ will be assigned to young artists, musicians and cultural professionals from Bologna who have implemented or intend to implement by the end of 2015 actions aimed at their internationalization, such as festivals, tours, exchanges, collaborations with ...

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