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Smell festival 2017 presents the second edition of OSA! Outsider Scents Award

We are pleased to announce the Open Call for OSA! Outsider Scents Award the competition that rewards the best unreleased handcrafted fragrances. The award intends to encourage the experimental use of the language of perfume, acknowledging the role of handcrafting, self-production, and the work of those who feel they are outsiders to the composition of perfume, in stimulating an ever ...

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Piazza dei Colori: celebrations for a new creative ‘neighborhood’

Since 2009, the Municipality of Bologna has been working on the development of Piazza dei Colori, in the suburbs of the City and part of the area known as  ‘Croce del Biacco’. The initiative came from Nino Migliori whose studio is located there. The ‘IncrediBOL! project – l’INovazione CREativa di BOLogna (Creative Innovation of Bologna)  and the Municipality of Bologna ...

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IncrediBOL! named “best practice” by the European Training Foundation

The INCREDIBOL! project – l’INnovazione CREativa di BOLogna (lit. the Creative Innovation of Bologna) project has been recognised as a best practice for the “Youth Entrepreneurship” by the European Training Foundation (ETF), an agency designed to monitor and improve the vocational training systems and lifelong learning both in the EU countries and in the neighboring regions such as North Africa, the ...

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The use of Cut Ups: a look at David Bowie’s creative process

What are the creative “methods” of an innovator? How is a work of art conceived in the first place? Where does talent stem from? Is Chaos the tool of a genius? We don’t know the answers, but we’re willing to listen. To start with, let’s have a look at the video, recently published by BBC, of an old interview to ...

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