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INCREDIBOL! 2021: here are the winners of the tenth edition

After a year in which support action was aimed at the pandemic emergency, in 2021 INCREDIBOL! returned to the formula announced in the Startup section, for enterprise startup projects, and that of Innovation, for the evolution of consolidated entrepreneurial activities.

As every year, the new INCREDIBOL! winners cover an immense range of action. In the field of music, prizes have been awarded to the projects of the contemporary poetry group Zoopalco, the app by Vinilificio for personalizing vinyl discs, the activities of the composer and sound designer Marta Ascari, and the opening of the percussion school Tempus Fugit Percussion. In the field of fashion, awards went to the creations and the sales platform of Secret Times, a specialized brand in the creation of historical made-to-measure garments, the Afro-Gabonese-inspired creations of DTB, and the Bottega Prama brand of dancers’ costumes. The audio visual field was represented by SMK’s services dedicated to the world of cinema festivals and the Sette e Mezzo Studio production company, which pays particular attention to environmental themes. In the field of digital applied to performing and visual arts, appeared the projects of the Artemis Danza company and Arsoluta, an online gallery dedicated to the sale of non-digital works of art. Outstanding in the edutainment field were the project by MarbreBlonde and the ERcole TV format by Martina Mari. Urban regeneration was present with the Rathaus project, a new space in Piacenza dedicated to art and creativity. To be mentioned in the field of virtual reality was the project for interactive tours by Gianluca Benvenuti.

102 entrepreneurial and innovation projects, from throughout the Emilia-Romagna Region, were presented by the ICC sector candidates. From these, 10 startup and 5 innovation projects were selected and awarded monetary contributions for a total of 200,000 euro, divided into grants of 10,000 euro each for the startup projects and 20,000 for the innovation projects. To these were added a customized mix of services made available by the partners’ network – consultancy, training, promotion and the possibility to obtain free loan of municipally-owned spaces for the development of their entrepreneurial project.

Of the 15 winning projects, 9 were in the metropolitan territory of Bologna, while the other 6 were distributed around the rest of the Region.

STARTUP SECTION: the winners of this edition were 3 enterprises, 3 freelance professionals and 4 associations:

Sette e Mezzo Studio srl (Enterprise, Bologna) – an independent cinema production company which provides space for emerging young authors in order to discover and narrate new stories. It has created CINEMOA, a Carbon Free protocol suitable for small-medium producers in the audio-video sector.

DTB – Double Trouble Bologna (Enterprise, Bologna) – a fashion brand that combines artisan-made fabrics with contemporary aesthetics of Afro-Gabonese inspiration linked to the origins of the two founders, with a laboratory in the city centre.

Arsoluta srl (Impresa, Bologna) – a digital platform and gallery dedicated to non-digital visual artists (painters, engravers, sculptors) to discover, dialogue and collaborate with artists from all over the world.

Gianluca Benvenuti (Freelance professional, Bologna) – development of virtual tours to explore events, works and performances interactively. His aim is to enhance accessibility to artistic and cultural content, creating a digital repertoire of inclusive experiences for an international public.

Cedro Associazione (Association, Piacenza) – RatHaus – Labirinto di Idee, a new multi-functional space presenting a succession of workshops of visual arts, literary appointments, cineforums and artistic and musical performances.
www.facebook.com/Rathaus.art www.instagram.com/rat.haus/

MarbreBlond DidArt APS (Association, Cesena) – a project that combines active teaching with the history of art, using an informal language conceived to reach small children.

Zoopalco APS (Association, Bologna) – a project for the production and dissemination an artistic group specialized in the field of multimedia poetry: from oral speech to video-poetry, from spoken word music to performance.

Marta Ascari (Freelance professional, Bologna) – a sound design laboratory for film soundtracks, music for videogames and audio-visual products.

Mari Martina (Freelance professional, Bologna) – a project to narrate culture and the territorial environment of the Region through the ERcole format, on local television channels and on the web

Tempus Fugit Percussion APS (Association, Piacenza) – a school specialized in the study of percussion instruments in all their manifold forms.

INNOVATION SECTION: from the innovation projects (of products, services, processes, management, marketing or a combination of these) in the cultural and creative field, 4 enterprises and 1 association were selected:

SMK Factory srl (Enterprise, Bologna) – a cinema production company offering streaming services for independent exhibitions and festivals in the territory

Associazione Artemis Danza (Association, Parma) – a dance company developing a site specific performance project specifically conceived for digital fruition, starting from some historical choreographies.

Secret Times di Stefania Dorta (Enterprise, Modena) – a designer specialized in the creation of bespoke historical garments and accessories from various periods, committed to developing an online sales platform.

Cristian Adamo (Enterprise, Bologna) – a reality active in the field of pressing vinyl discs, whose Vinilificio Web App 2.0 enables users to create customized vinyl discs, even pressing small runs, in a few simple steps.

Bottega Prama (Enterprise, Rimini) – a brand of techno-sports clothing specifically intended for breakdancers, highly recognizable and featuring special reinforcements.

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