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In a Bolognese environment, Arci is an extremely rich and complex organisation. Arci members are passionate about music, dance, theatre and cinema, but also about international solidarity and anti-racism.

Arci is truly an archipelago of experiences, a great project of human and civil promotion that finds its roots in the history of the clubs of Bologna: guardians of a rich heritage of social and human development, and among the most lively meeting spots for the cultural and democratic tradition of this country. All this has been made possible by Arci's ability to continue to give voice and space to many different experiences and personalities, bonded together by a common sense of civic responsibility and a deep foundation in the democratic values of solidarity and coexistance.


All of Arci Bologna's activities are aimed towards social and human promotion. At its origins is the commitment to develop an ongoing dialogue regarding both major international issues and those related to the territory and to a society that is constantly changing. Through cultural events (cinema, theatre, music, arts) we build an idea of society that cannot renounce solidarity and cultural integration, fighting against the mafia and for education, through its presence in areas of the world living in war and poverty.

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