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CNA Bologna is the association representing and protecting the interests of artisans, entrepreneurs and SMEs in the province of Bologna. 

It helps constitute the system CNA together with CNA services Bologna and other companies. CNA makes a wide range of highly qualified, professional, innovative and flexible experts and services available to companies in order to help them grow successfully. To make its support and representation of cultural and creative companies of Bologna stronger and more incisive, CNA created CNA Cultura e Creatività (Culture and Creativity) which joins over 400 companies and professionals in the sectors of audiovisual, cinema, communication, publishing, entertainment, design, music, art etc. CNA aims to work with them on projects that increase the opportunities for companies and young talents in the sector.

ACTIVITIES  CNA CULTURA E CREATIVITÀ gives cultural and creative companies from Bologna the opportunity to be an authoritative partner of town and regional institutions. It puts cultural companies also from other sectors in touch, taking advantage of greater opportunities thanks to:

  • Information for members about opportunities, calls, sector laws, competitions, etc...
  • Training and update programmes for the sector operators.
  • Seminars and more-in-depth study meetings.
  • Realization of projects for the visibility and valorisation of companies.

It manages and updates the portal which gathers and collects public and private spaces that are available for cultural initiatives.

Partner since 2011


Viale Aldo Moro 22 - Bologna +39 051 299515 - 346

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