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Futura is a public company for development in the local territory, operating to improve training and employment opportunities, especially in the areas specifically under its responsibility. It is accredited for professional training in the region of Emilia-Romagna and is financed primarily through regional, Italian and European public funding.

Futura is a point of reference for social and healthcare services offered by member municipalities and for its active policies implemented to sustain the weakest and most vulnerable categories. It holds training and career guidance programmes for foreign residents, young people without the academic qualifications they need to find work and adults looking for new employment. In addition, it works with public and private entities, local businesses and social cooperatives, pooling and employing their respective skills and contacts.

Futura is involved in integrated school-training and work programmes, designing and managing professional training and education projects to help people find employment and increase the skills of those working in the public and private sectors. It also provides recruitment and job brokering services and professional relocation support. It makes use of its internal skills and knowledge together with a comprehensive network of external experts – who ensure project skills that are fully up-to-date and focused on innovation – to offer special services in:

  • School and professional guidance
  • Work placements and internships
  • Professional education and training within the IeFP framework (Sistema di Istruzione e Formazione Professionale) for young people who have to complete their mandatory schooling and to comply with their right and duty to education and training.
  • Professional training for young people and adults in search of employment
  • Training for the staff of public and private companies
  • Designing and running services supporting the process of founding a company
  • European project planning

Partner since 2018

Registered and administrative office
San Giovanni in Persiceto (Bo)
Via Bologna 96/E
Tel. 051 6811411
Fax 051 6811406

Administrative office
San Pietro in Casale (Bo)
Via Benelli 9
Tel. 051 6669711
Fax 051 6669708


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