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Otago is an agency for literary and editorial services based in Bologna.

It was established in 2010 from an idea of Marco Nardini’s, after years of experience in publishing houses, editorial offices and bookshops.

Otago is responsible for the management of copyright and promotion of literary works in Italy and abroad.

In addition, when addressing authors, publishers, associations, and public and private entities, Otago offers a range of services aimed at simplifying the steps between various professionals and at widening the distribution of initiatives and cultural projects.

Otago assists and supports authors in Italy and abroad, helping them in their relationships with editors and the public, and supporting them in the drafting, layout, development and promotion of their project.
It represents foreign editors and literary agencies in Italy.
It provides training in the editorial field and organises cultural events.
More specifically, it also:

  • Emphasizes the role of literary agents as an intermediary between authors and publishing houses,
  • discovers and presents new authors to the public, especially those from developing countries who are yet to be translated in Italy,
  • It helps create collaborations between distinct subjects (institutional bodies, operators in artistic sectors…).

If you are curious to learn more, please visit the “portfolio” section of our website in order to get to know the authors, the illustrators and the latest publications and activities of the agency.


Via Sant’Isaia, 73/2-75 Bologna
+39 051 9844613