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VicoloPagliaCorta was established in 2009 as a studio for the design and creation of jewellery, furniture and furnishings.
The main materials that have been explored over the years are keys recovered from old Apple laptops and Lego bricks used to compose graphical shapes and textures: one side black and white and the other multi-coloured and playful.
The working method is one of self-production, in a “design” related sense.
All VicoloPagliaCorta objects are hand-crafted directly by the studio or, in some cases, with the cooperation of local artisans (especially when it comes to woodwork).


    Two collections, in continuous evolution:
    Istruzioni Zero made of Lego bricks and Riavvia made of Apple keys.
    Wall clock 49 Series: wall/counter clocks with faces consisting of a mosaic made of 49 Apple keys, framed by a structure of various types of wood. Wall hanger Series consisting of a solid trapezoidal piece of solid wood: cub9 with 9 white Apple keys, cub12 with a mosaic of Lego bricks.
    380 | tiles Series: stools/small tables made of solid oak and seat/support composed of a mosaic of 380 keys retrieved from discontinued Apple laptops. Brick Stool Series: stools/small tables made of solid cherrywood and seat/support consisting of a mosaic of 361 2×2 Lego bricks.

As well as in various regions of Italy, you can now also buy VicoloPagliaCorta products in France, Spain, Belgium, Greece, Switzerland, Turkey, Hong Kong and Australia.
If you want to know where, check the section “stores” on our website!


Via Sant’Apollonia 23, Bologna
+39 348 4064450 Marco Gambula
+39 338 9644688 Katia Bocchi