Vetereria d'arte Gamberini by Camilla Cevolani

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cover of Vetereria d'arte Gamberini by Camilla Cevolani

Eleventh edition winner 

Vetreria d’arte Gamberini is a Bolognese laboratory that has been working since 1965 with the ancient techniques of lead binding and grisaille painting. This year, with a view to extending its activities and experimenting new perspectives, it intends to relaunch the dalles de verre technique.

Dalles de verre (glass slabs) is a glass art technique created about a century ago. It became widespread in Europe and beyond in the 1940s but remains practically unknown in Bologna. Sparkling and very stable, dalles de verre are highly suited to outdoor décor because of their exceptional toughness. This is due to their thickness of 3 cm, compared with mediaeval stained glass, which had a thickness of 6 to 8 mm.



Vetreria d’arte Gamberini di Camilla Cevolani

Via della Ghisiliera 18/a, Bologna

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