Ninth edition

The ninth edition of INCREDIBOL! – The creative innovation of Bologna has rewarded those who chose not to stop but rather were capable of reacting and starting innovative projects in the cultural and creative sector related to the health emergency we are living through, while also trying to look at the long term effects of the crisis.

There are 34 new winners of INCREDIBOL! who have been chosen among 193 projects submitted by associations of professionals and companies from Emilia Romagna. There have never been so many winners. Out of 193 participant projects, 119 were from the Bologna area and 74 from other parts of Emilia Romagna. Like every year, the projects came from a wide range of fields, the most represented being music, with 10 winners out of 34, a sector particularly damaged by the COVID heath emergency – this industry is particularly important and very well represented in Emilia Romagna, considering both the identity of Bologna as a UNESCO City of Music and the Music Law of the Emilia-Romagna Region. There are many projects devoted to finding a new use for the live music premises and clubs to allow them to enjoy a new life in a different sector – there are also many innovative digital education and training projects for young orchestras as well as digital innovation projects for record labels and composers. Audiovisual projects rank second, with 8 projects out of 34 that include radio stations, new moviemaking and production modes and new ways of enjoying cinema outdoors, as well as projects connected to virtual reality and videogames applications and so on.
Theatre companies came third with 6 projects out of 34 together with other players in the performing arts and live shows sectors which have chosen to take the digital road to overcome the current crisis generated by the lockdowns and restrictions and by the new laws regulating live events. As regards the remaining projects, they mostly came from artistic craftsmanshipmanagement of cultural heritagevisual arts and literature.
Out of 193 COVID emergency related innovation projects submitted by participants from Emilia Romagna we have picked 34 winners, 22 from the Bologna area and 12 from the rest of Emilia Romagna.

15 enterprises, 3 free lancers and 16 associations.