cover of FabLab Bologna – MAKEinBO

Third edition winner

Starting from an idea and quickly developing a prototype – everybody can now do it thanks to FabLab Bologna – a “can-do” workshop where knowledge, traditional tools and numerical control machinery are at everyone’s disposal but, most of all, a laboratory where you can work with a community that can extend problem-solving capabilities.

This community is called MakeInBo and already has hundreds of members. From its youngest to its oldest contributors, it represents the column supporting FabLab Bologna, a bridge between tradition and innovation.

FabLab Bologna SRLS is the natural evolution of business, matching MakeInBo on a social level – the two complement each other and develop together in perfect symbiosis.


FabLab Bologna offers three main services:

  • Production: Express production services such as 3D printing, laser cutting, milling, 3D scanning, 3D modelling etc.
  • Training: In the laboratory – courses and workshops for product manufacture and for acquisition of designing tools.
  • In schools – co-development of educational kits and digital environments – educational programmes – teacher tutoring and training – technical assistance.
  • Project development: Feasibility studies, prototype development, Interaction design and software development, engineering.


Piazza dei Colori 25/b – Bologna

+39 051 4844079